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OOTD 008


I just came back from reading some mori blogs...I just wanted to die from the cuteness >///<. Just looking at the blogs made me feel so serene and like I was in a little cafe. I want to make my blog look that cute image. I'll just be changing up my blog post formats so they look prettier and more interesting I go!

Current status: Inspired by mori blogs, my hands are ice cold, and forever hungry.
(I've been so random lately...)


OOTD 008

Just went out shopping at the mall and went out for dinner with my mom. I did get some things but not enough to make a haul.

(This is the first time I'm giving you guys a selca .____.)

Tokyo Osaka Nagoya Muscle Tee- TJ Maxx
Gray Cardigan- H&M
High Waisted Shorts- Thrifted
Black Stockings
Black Combat boots- Steve Madden


That's all for now~

Life Update (It's very random)


Wow it's been 2 weeks since I last updated @.@ Gomen /bows down on knees. 

So what have I been up to lately? 

Well, school and sports have taken my life for the time being but by then end of October I should be more available to update ^^. School is just so crazy this year and it feels like I've been in school for a month already when it's been only 3 weeks. I literally thought last week that it was October >.<

I had so much outfits I wanted to show you guys that I've worn these past two weeks but I couldn't find time to take pictures of them. When everything gets washed, I'll be sure to make an outfit collage!

Oh yeah and before I forget: I'm going to INFINITE's Great Step Concert in New York! Woot!

Recent thoughts:

  1. Lately (well not lately, more like the past few months) I've been wanting to make a Youtube account where I will outfit videos, hair videos, hauls, etc. Except no makeup videos for now because I don't wear any for now...But if I do follow through with this plan, it won't be until I lose weight and when I have more free time.
  2. I'm promising myself to read for pleasure once October ends because I don't read enough besides the books I'm assigned to read in school and fanfics (hehehe). So if you have any books to recommend, comment below!

I'm going shopping today so hopefully I'll have a haul for you guys ^^. Byebye~

Small Haul + OOTD 007


Hello everyone! I'm back with another small haul and OOTD! Let's start with the haul~

Both items are from Kohl's because I love Kohl's and I get coupons every week. Enough said.

What can I say, I'm a sweater addict. I absolutely love the pale pink color and not to mention the chiffon material that comes out peeking from the sleeves and under the sweater.

This has to be my favorite muscle tee that I own so far. Even though the summer season is winding down I just had to get this because 1.) the floral print is just absolutely gorgeous and 2.) it says "Hugs & Kisses" (Exo reference)



Fall is slowly creeping up so that means layers! As I said in a previous post, I am really anticipating this fall season for some unknown reason. 

"Hugs & Kisses" Muscle Tee- Kohls
Denim Shirt- Forever 21
Black Straight Leg Jeggings- Target
Black High Tops- Converse

You can't tell but I folded the sleeves of my denim jacket to give my outfit an even more laid back feel ^^ As for my high top converse that you can't see in the picture either (because I don't wear my shoes inside the house) I like to fold the top (see the picture of my outfit layout) so it doesn't cut off my legs. This way they don't look shorter than they are (the life of a short person T~T)


Have a nice day~



This is 110% my own opinion even though this is sponsored.

Hello guys this time I would like to tell you about another Asian fashion online shop called Brandedkittyshop! When I first found the shop I literally fangirled at their whole selection and wanted EVERYTHING. They sell the latest accessories (hair, jewelry, phone), clothes, and circle lenses- all at an affordable price! 

The owners were kind enough to send me 2 items from a list of 5 that I chose myself.


The first item is a Polkadot Off the Shoulder Cape Blouse ($18) in white:

(Colors: black, white- free size)

The second item is the Rubber Ducky Tee ($19) in baby blue
(Colors: baby blue, gray- free size)


There was a rip at the back of the packaging…but I’m assuming it became like that during transportation. But no worries, it didn't affect any of my items ^^

Even thought there was a rip in my packaging, my items were secured in plastic bags^^ 

Polkadot Off the Shoulder Cape Blouse: 

MATERIAL: 4.7/5 The blouse is made of light chiffon material. Because it’s white, it is see-through and would require a tank top to be worn under. I can’t say the same thing for the black version of this blouse though.

FITTING: 5/5 Ok girls, this blouse will definitely enhance your chest area if you are a little lacking *wink wink. That’s because the ruffles act as an illusion and makes your chest look more full. Otherwise, the fitting is the perfect length for me for my body physique.

OVERALL: 4.9/5 The reason for a 4.9 is because of the see-through material. Otherwise, I head over heels for this blouse because it is absolutely adorable! 

Rubber Ducky Tee: I always see K-Pop idols wearing this shirt and I always thought it was a cute little tee to have >///<

MATERIAL: 5/5 This shirt is literally the softest t-shirt I have ever owned. It is not too heavy nor too thin. It is made out of 100% cotton.

FITTING: 5/5 I love this fit because it doesn’t hug your body but it isn’t anywhere near boxy either. This way if you eat too much you can’t see your belly hehehe. I also like how the collar doesn’t feel like it is suffocating me and shows an amount of skin that is comfortable. It is neither too long nor too short and for my body physique, it is the perfect length.

OVERALL: 10/5 I’m giving this +2.5 extra points because it is so soft and I am a sucker for soft clothing. The rest of the +2.5 points go to the fitting and the fact that there weren’t any lose threads.

SUMMARY: 5/5 I was not disappointed one bit. From the items I received, to customer service, to the shipping time. Everything is just thumbs up. However, I would like to note that if you are any taller than 5’ 4” or 165 cm, then this shop is not for you, clothes wise. Reason being, most if not all of the clothes is free size and is aimed to Asians-which generally means smaller sizes. But don’t hesitate to check out the accessories and circle lenses!

Also I have a little gift for all of you!


Also if my review is not enough for you, please do check out the Youtuber: BrandedKitty for more modeling of some items from their shop!

OOTD 005 + Nails and How to + Just my luck


I haven't done an OOTD post in a really long time. Mostly because I haven't been wearing anything great looking or "fashionable". I just feel like I don't have any nice clothes for the summer time- I just throw on a tee and shorts. From time to time I'll wear a dress or skirt, and when the weather gets colder I'll throw on a cardigan. But when the colder weather comes around, I feel like the "fashionable" side of me comes out because I can finally layer. I absolutely love layering.  I've been really looking forward to this fall season for some reason. I'm just super ready to jump into my sweaters, cardigans, and a nice pair of jeans. Although I will be tremendously busy with school, fall sports, and pep band but I'll try my best!

OOTD 005 
(My room was a mess and I remember someone said to wear the clothes, so here I go!)

White jumper- Loft
Floral print skater skirt- Forever 21

THE OVERALL LOOK: I wore this outfit for my second day of school and paired it with some black converse high tops. I also braided my hair the night prior and slept in them so I didn't have to do much to my hair in the morning. All I did was undo the braids, separate the hair a little, and then add a beach spray just to get more defined waves.


(My fingers look so fat in this picture...I swear my fingers are not fat!)

I actually did these a few nights ago in a rush but I was pretty proud of them hahaha. They were really easy too! As you can see the petals for these nails are just dots which I formed using my dotting tool. If you don't have a dotting tool then you can always use a toothpick, bobby pin, or even the eraser end of a pencil! Then just imagine a pentagon on you nail and put the dots on the edges of that imaginary pentagon. I hope you like my bad attempt at making a diagram of the process.

And your flowers have been created! So simple yet it creates such a cute design!



On the first day it's always the most important to arrive at your classes on time right? Well my bus came 15 minutes late to my house and by the time I arrived at school the first bell had rung. But I had to go to my locker first which was all the way on the other side of the school and then go all the way to the opposite end after that. On top of that, I had a sprained ankle and I could hardly run. Not fun. Luckily I made it to first period on time though. BUT during first period, I reached down to get my folder and noticed "huh it's wet." And then I went to grab my water bottle and IT WAS OPEN. (NOOOOOOO!) Then I made a frantic search for my new planner (the one in my back to school haul) and HALF OF IT WAS WET AND HAS WATER STAINS ALL OVER IT /CRYS A RIVER AND FLOODS HOUSE. I AM SO UPSET OMG YOU GUYS HAVE NO CLUE. I JUST WANT TO BANG MY HEAD AGAINST A WALL. So when I got home I quickly got my hair dryer in an attempt to salvage that precious little thing. wasn't salvaged. It's been 2 days and it still hasn't dried T~T. I think I'm still going to use it for school because I don't want it to go to a waste since it was on the pricier side but just- WHY?

Mini Back to School Haul (Clothes + Stationery) Part 1??


Finally another post!

I'm uploading this later than I mean to :(. A lot of people have already gone back to school, so sorry this is so late! I haven't had time to go back to school shopping because I sprained my ankle and can't walk around! And when I finally thought it was ok to go to the mall, I ended up of coming back with a ankle worse than before! But on the bright side, I bought some clothes hehehe. (I do feel kinda bad that I bought more clothes because I already have so much clothes already and a lot of it I don't even wear.) I'm not sure if I will get to do more back to school shopping hence in the title, "part 1???" Also sorry for the variation in lighting if that drives you crazy!

Let's start with the clothes from Urban Outfitters! They had a 30% off sale for all sale items so I had to take advantage of what the fashion gods were offering me.

First is this BDG sleeveless flannel stripped top. I loved this color because it's very soft, and light blue and white= love. The sleeves are also slightly distressed which gives it a more laid-back look. I chose to tie the front because I think it's cuter that way but you don't have to if you choose not too. This shirt is also good to layer under a sweater or crewneck sweatshirt so the collar peaks out for some added cuteness and not to mention, warmness.

I also bought these BDG mid-rise Ashley shorts that are on the darker side and has some distressed holes in them. They actually come mid-thigh but I decided to roll it up a bit because I didn't think it looks as nice since the jeans are mid-rise. This means the waistband comes to just below my belly button. I think these look great if you pair it up with a t-shirt and tuck in the front. 

Who doesn't love it when your boyfriend lends you his shirt or jacket and it's just so oversized but looks totally cute on you? Cause I certainly love it!!! (but I don't have a boyfriend LOL) So this shirt is actually a guy's shirt that I found! Who says girls can't wear guy clothes? This shirt doesn't look as good when I button and zipper it but when it's left unbuttoned and unzippered, it's the cutest thing ever. Literally. It really looks like I'm wearing my (non-existent) boyfriend's shirt that he let me borrow and it's surprisingly soft and warm. I imagine I will wear it with a white tee, some black skinny jeans, black combat boots, and tie my hair in a lose and slightly messy high bun. When it gets colder I'll wrap a scarf around and wear a beanie. My lighting kinda washed out the color but it's army green which is totally in for the fall season! 
Side story: The guy at the cashier totally loved this shirt but then I told him it was for me and was totally cool about it. He said I'd look cute and cool in it xD. Thank you cute cashier guy with your adorable Australian accent.

Ok now let's move onto the other clothing stores. I only got one thing from each store.

From Forever 21:

Somehow this is my first floral print anything as well as my first skater skirt. I'm kinda late for both trends but better late than never! I love the fit of skater skirts~ It looks really cute if you pair it up with a white sweater and some black oxfords.

From H&M:

So I bought this plain grey crewneck because I plan on DIY-ing it! What am I going to do? Good question, you'll find out later~ It's not going to be anything great though, I just hope it comes out right!

(Saved my favorite for last!)
From Maybee:

Polka dots, a ribbon, chiffon, and only $8! Can you see why it was my favorite item I bought? No need for further explanation.

Now it's time for stationery!!! Who doesn't love cute little Asian stationery? All of these are from a store in Hmart that sells all of these cute goodies. I die in there every time I go there.

Molang <333333333 I have a thing for writing with lead pencils instead of regular pencils. This kid in my class broke all of my favorite lead pencils during school last year so I had to restock :'( That meanie.

GEL PENS <33333333 And the fact that they come in such cute designs makes everything a hundred times better! I believe I saw these on tumblr and then when I saw these at the store in Hmart I was so happy~ Each pen comes in a different color and is indicated on the cap clip thing. It's so cute because it'll say the color and then say "happy day" after it. For example, the first pen on the left says "Dark blue- happy day". Hahaha I just thought it was cute. The pens also came in this fancy-butt case as shown in the picture. On the back of it, it also has a list of all of the colors I feel like it's too good for me to own. 

The last item:

So this is a planner or a photo scheduler as they makers like to call it. Basically in every page there is a photo. For some reason, looking at this planner just makes me feel so calm. I don't know if it's because of the color, or the photos, or the quote that makes me feel so calm. It's kinda big and chunky for a planner but it's made of really good material. It's also has 4 sections:

Section 1

I don't really know what this section is for, but I'm thinking it's to track your income. The top row are the months and the rows going down are the days from 1-31. 

Section 2

So this is basically an overview of your month plans. This planner is really efficient because you can pick the month (top left corner) and then you just fill in the dates in the calendar. In this section I'll write when I have my tests, when projects are due, and other important events.

Section 3

This section is your weekly overview. This is where I'll be writing my homework and etc. Like section 2, you pick your month (top right hand corner this time) and fill in your dates.

Section 4

Section 4 is just lined paper where I can write notes. I tend to like to write formulas in my planner for a quick reference and so I don't have to lug my binder home with me.

And lastly, we cannot forget that beautiful quote on the front of the planner.

"Happiness is not a matter of good fortune or worldly possessions. It's a mental attitude. It comes from appreciating what we have, instead of being miserable about what we don't have. It's so simple, yet so hard for the human mind to comprehend." 

A reason I bought this planner is because of this quote. (Time for serious time.) I can get really down in school due to stress, tests, homework, projects, etc. But by looking at this quote I can be reminded to be glad that I am fortunate enough to afford an education where I can learn such amazing things and meet wonderful people instead of being sad because of school. This quote doesn't only apply to school though, but for practically everything. Little things like having access to running water, electricity, and other small things that we take too much for granted.

Hope you enjoyed this post!