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OOTD 014: Knits Upon Knits


Knit Upon Knits

Cardigan: Forever 21
Bone Knit: Joe Fresh
Black Infinity Scarf: My mom made it!
(+ Black Boots: Opening Ceremony)

 Extremely comfortable for the extremely cold days!

Sorry + What Do I Do??? + Selca


It's been a while haha~

I was just planning on skipping 2 weeks of blogging but I think it's turned out to be maybe a month or so since I last updated. So I would like to say:

I actually have hauls / reviews I wanted to do but... I broke / lost all of my SD cards...
I have 2 SD cards: one which I share with my mom and another one that's completely mine only. But I seemed to somehow broke the one my mom and I share (I didn't tell her yet...What do I do???). As for the one the one that solely belongs to me, I think I somehow brought it to me at school and dropped it...(or it can be in my really messy room I honestly have no clue)

Just what do I do...

In the meantime, here's a random selca I took:

For anon

I think I'm getting sick from everyone coughing all over the place :/