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OOTD 012: Polka Dot Suspenders + 01.12. 경수's Birthday!



Today is quite warm after suffering from sub-zero temperature, so I thought I should use this to my advantage!

OOTD 012

Cardigan: Forever 21
Polka Dot Suspender Skirt: Cotton On
White V Neck Tee
Knee High Socks
Hello Kitty Glasses
엑소 으르렁 Photocards (수호 & Kris)


Today is 경수's Birthday! 

01. 12

생일축하합니다 엑소's 4-D 엄마~! 잘 지내, 화이팅! ^^ 사랑합니다~
Happy Birthday to Do Kyungsoo!

Everything about you is perfect- from your soothing singing voice that I use to fall asleep to, to even your petite height and slender shoulders. Your 4-Dness makes me smile and want to squish your cheeks because you are so... squishy! But when you sing I could literally just die happy right there and then. The band that I have fallen in love with so much, EXO, would not be the same without you, and neither would my life. Happy 22nd Birthday Do Kyungsoo! 

Ok but seriously, Kyungsoo has grown on me so much I mean just look 





Cr: to all owners

If you don't like Kyungsoo then we are not friends. period. ^^


OOTD 011


First post of 2014!

For some reason, once it became 2014 I had a surge of fashion inspiration. Not really sure why...

OOTD 011:

Denim shirt- My dad's closet
Striped cotton shirt- Thrifted
Beanie- Zumiez
Nike- Nike (from the little boy's section)
Glasses- Ulzzangcultureshop (I was sponsored by them via my tumblr)
Exo polaroids & other polaroids
+ Black leggings

I know you guys request pictures of me modeling my outfits but 1) I'm an awkward model. 2) I want to lost weight before I start modeling. 3) I have no one to take pictures for me. Bad excuses I know but please look forward to the day I do model them!

Some of you guys know that I like to shop around the guy section / wear some guy clothes. So truth to be told, more than half of my clothing is supposed to be for guys- the denim shirt, my beanie, and the Nikes. But who says girls can't wear guy clothes and vice versa? 

The denim shirt like I said, is actually my dad's. I love the color- I'm a sucker for light wash denim shirts. But my favorite part about this shirt is that it's oversized and actually has a shorter front and longer back! 

** For extra warmness I would layer a grey or black zipup under the denim shirt and a scarf. Also I would wear high white socks (not too high say above the shin) but scrunch them down so they are all bunched up by my ankle.

Hope you guys like this outfit ^^