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Make sure you read part 2!! It's when things get juicy

I actually didn't get anything except for a t-shirt (which I didn't pay for. THANK YOU MEL IF YOU ARE READING THIS!!!) because everything is so expensive. My friend also bought 4 unofficial lightsticks prior to the concert.

The t-shirts were $40!!! So expensive T~T

Fancy now aren't we?

 I originally didn't want anything because the merchandise didn't really appeal to me. But my friend bought it for me without me knowing  Thank you thank you again if you are reading this! I would have definitely regretted it if I came home empty handed. 

Even though this t-shirt was really expensive, the quality is tremendously good! It's probably the best t-shirt I own quality wise. These shirts were really well-made. I wish I bought a zip-up...but they were $70...

These are the lightsticks we got~

(Credit to owner of picture)

That's it for my little INFINITE series! I had fun reliving the whole experience and I hope you did too! 




(Actually it's more like Happy 1 Week +1 Day OGS Post-Concert Depression Anniversary!!!)

I can't believe it's already been one week since OGS- it literally feels like it was just yesterday. 

--I've decided to split this into 3 parts. Part 1 is Pre-Concert and Concert. Part 2 is Post-Concert. Part 3 is a look at the merchandise.--


I arrived in NY around early afternoon with my best friend and her sister. I was pretty much lost when we started walking and all of a sudden we stopped at this gray steel looking door. Then I realized we were at the back door of the concert hall and some of INFINITE's staff and security were clearing away some cones on the street. 
We just missed INIFNITE go into the building T~T


We decided to stick around for a few minutes because they were doing soundcheck and we could make out some songs (they were playing Destiny I think) Then one of the security guards told us to go behind a boundary thing so we were like "We gotcha". 
I didn't realize it but I was in the very front and in the middle...I felt so exposed. 
Then all of a sudden two black Chevy's pulled up and in my mind I was thinking 
"Crap crap crap Crap."

A whole bunch of people started coming out from the cars and my mind was in a total state of frenzy that I did not register anything until I heard my friend yell, "DONGWOO OPPA" 

My mind started working again.

I saw Dongwoo. I freaking saw Jang Dongwoo. 

He was so cute and handsomer in real life.  

All I remember was he was wearing a hoodie and he waved hi to us the whole duration of time before going through the door. He almost missed the door though because he was too preoccupied waving hi though LOL. cute.

The rest of it was a blur.

I know for sure Sungjong came out of one of the cars but I don't remember what happened after that. Hoya, Sungyeol, Myungsoo, Woohyun, and Sunggyu might have came out of the cars too but I only know for sure about Sungjong and Dongwoo. I remember one member was wearing a gray hoodie with the hood up and looking down so I couldn't really tell who it was. It was either Myungsoo, Sunggyu, or Sungyeol. Heck. For all I know they were all coming out of the cars. I really don't know anymore.

No pictures for that part because I was too slow and too stunned to get my camera out of my backpack. 


Unfortunately my SD card didn't have enough memory and I was stupid to not bring a back-up so I couldn't take many photos/videos. image I'm going to keep my videos to myself because of my screaming that sounds like a little bird so yeah o.o

Originally we had GA floor standing but we realized once we got there that we wouldn't be able to see anything. So my friend and I went to one of the security guards and asked/begged if we could go to the balcony which had a really awesome view. Thankfully the guard was really nice and escorted us to the second balcony. THANK YOU SECURITY GUARD!!! I love ya

Me, Friend's sister, Friend

Let me just say, they are AMAZING live. They didn't lip-sync a single song.

I don't remember what song this is...

Sungjong x Sungyeol DJ + 1/3 Stage
(Sungjong is supposed to be one the left...Sungyeol on the right)


 Myungsoo's Solo "Love you Like You" Stage! 

Woohyun's "Beautiful" Solo Stage! (He was so close to where I was, just a floor down T~T)

I have no clue which performance this is...

Hoya so happy LOL

Leaving the stage~

"내꺼하자" One of my favorite INFINITE songs image

Ok I'm pretty sure this was during one of the talks and were singing Happy Birthday to Dongwoo~ INFINITE started to pour water onto Dongwoo and he started crying

Sometime during this talk Sungjong and Myungsoo waved to me/my friend/ my friend's sister. We waved our hands until they were about to fall off. 


인피니트 짱!!! 화이팅~!

Collective Haul (Fashion, Accessories, Beauty)


This is just a small collective haul from the things I bought in the past of couple of weeks. I'm trying to stop clothing shopping since I have more clothes than I really deserve yet I only wear a select few pair of clothing >.< Shame on me, I know.
Sometimes I wish I could just restart my whole closet because my style has slowly been changing. I used to be infatuated by anything with bows and lace but now I'm more into the hipster look. To be honest, now when I dress really girly I just cringe...I'm not saying I hate girly cutesy fashion- I absolutely love it! (Do you see how much of a in-between person I am LOL? One minute I'm like: "I want to look cute today!" And then the next minute: "No, I want to be total hipsta." I literally have an identity crisis sometimes...I mean look at my blog, it's all kawaii with the emoticons and everything- and I LOVE IT! Ok enough with my hidden identity crisis, I'm going to have a mental breakdown any minute now.)



Heart Print Peter Pan Sleeveless Tank (aka what I like to call "the little ball of sunshine")- some Korean clothing store

I know this shirt is totally out of season but it was pretty cheap ($10) and I could always use it for layering / wait until next season.

Close up of the print- cute right?

3/4 Sleeve Peter Pan Knit- Gap 
(It looks huge but it's just boxy.)

Close up of the collar

This is probably my favorite buy out of everything. I'm not really a Gap person but I go in once in a while when I'm searching for a certain clothing item or when they have a good sale going on. They had other colors like blue, black, black with white stripes, and a gray with white stripes. I was going to buy the gray with white stripes also but I decided against it. I am slightly regretting it. 

Flannel Button Up- Forever 21

Removable Hoodie!

I've been meaning to buy an oversized flannel with red in it for the past year or so. I love flannels because they are a NEED for layering. 



Bun wraps- Claires

If you guys are familiar with the ウサミミ (Usamimi), this is basically a smaller version of it but exclusively for buns! If you never heard about these before, it's basically a piece of cloth with a wire inside so you can bend it while still retaining it's shape. The trend for these died down a lot over the past 3 or so years but I don't really care because I love the cute, pin-up look it exerts.



Ambi Fade Cream- Harmon

Actually my mom bought this for herself to try to fade some aging spots, but she's letting me borrow it. I'm seeing if I can fade some post-acne scars and some hyperpigmentation under my eyes. I'll probably do a review after a few weeks of using it.

Lovely Me:ex Design My Eyebrow Pencil (Black) - The Face Shop

If you guys want a review, just comment below!


Guys I've decided. I'm a cute hipster. Ok no.

PS:(Upcoming posts alert! INFINITE OGS experience!!!!)