This is 110% my own opinion even though this is sponsored.

Hello guys this time I would like to tell you about another Asian fashion online shop called Brandedkittyshop! When I first found the shop I literally fangirled at their whole selection and wanted EVERYTHING. They sell the latest accessories (hair, jewelry, phone), clothes, and circle lenses- all at an affordable price! 

The owners were kind enough to send me 2 items from a list of 5 that I chose myself.


The first item is a Polkadot Off the Shoulder Cape Blouse ($18) in white:

(Colors: black, white- free size)

The second item is the Rubber Ducky Tee ($19) in baby blue
(Colors: baby blue, gray- free size)


There was a rip at the back of the packaging…but I’m assuming it became like that during transportation. But no worries, it didn't affect any of my items ^^

Even thought there was a rip in my packaging, my items were secured in plastic bags^^ 

Polkadot Off the Shoulder Cape Blouse: 

MATERIAL: 4.7/5 The blouse is made of light chiffon material. Because it’s white, it is see-through and would require a tank top to be worn under. I can’t say the same thing for the black version of this blouse though.

FITTING: 5/5 Ok girls, this blouse will definitely enhance your chest area if you are a little lacking *wink wink. That’s because the ruffles act as an illusion and makes your chest look more full. Otherwise, the fitting is the perfect length for me for my body physique.

OVERALL: 4.9/5 The reason for a 4.9 is because of the see-through material. Otherwise, I head over heels for this blouse because it is absolutely adorable! 

Rubber Ducky Tee: I always see K-Pop idols wearing this shirt and I always thought it was a cute little tee to have >///<

MATERIAL: 5/5 This shirt is literally the softest t-shirt I have ever owned. It is not too heavy nor too thin. It is made out of 100% cotton.

FITTING: 5/5 I love this fit because it doesn’t hug your body but it isn’t anywhere near boxy either. This way if you eat too much you can’t see your belly hehehe. I also like how the collar doesn’t feel like it is suffocating me and shows an amount of skin that is comfortable. It is neither too long nor too short and for my body physique, it is the perfect length.

OVERALL: 10/5 I’m giving this +2.5 extra points because it is so soft and I am a sucker for soft clothing. The rest of the +2.5 points go to the fitting and the fact that there weren’t any lose threads.

SUMMARY: 5/5 I was not disappointed one bit. From the items I received, to customer service, to the shipping time. Everything is just thumbs up. However, I would like to note that if you are any taller than 5’ 4” or 165 cm, then this shop is not for you, clothes wise. Reason being, most if not all of the clothes is free size and is aimed to Asians-which generally means smaller sizes. But don’t hesitate to check out the accessories and circle lenses!

Also I have a little gift for all of you!


Also if my review is not enough for you, please do check out the Youtuber: BrandedKitty for more modeling of some items from their shop!

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  1. That ducky tee is adorable!! love it! :DD

    xx Mandy

  2. very nice *_*your blog is lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  3. lovely review, both tops looks super kawaii on you! thank you for sharing!♡

    (Join my blog International Giveaway ♡! 21 items- lots of Japanese makeup and beauty products including cosmetics from Diamond Beauty, Candydoll, Dollywink, etc!)

    1. both tops are super kawaii- that's why :)

  4. omg the ducky tee is so cute *-* I will check out their shop :3 I just hope the size isn't too big for me because most asians clothes are too big for me T^T I'm such a petite person qq You're so lucky to get sponsored by them :D


    1. Don't worry all if not most of the sizes come in one size only. I'm not that tall (about 5 ft 2 ish) so you should be fine! And actually they are sponsoring my tumblr which is why I have all of these sponsors lol but I offered to make a post on blogspot too.

  5. So cute omg~ I want that duck T-shirt real bad hehe^-^ x