OOTD 008

I just came back from reading some mori blogs...I just wanted to die from the cuteness >///<. Just looking at the blogs made me feel so serene and like I was in a little cafe. I want to make my blog look that cute image. I'll just be changing up my blog post formats so they look prettier and more interesting so...here I go!

Current status: Inspired by mori blogs, my hands are ice cold, and forever hungry.
(I've been so random lately...)


OOTD 008

Just went out shopping at the mall and went out for dinner with my mom. I did get some things but not enough to make a haul.

(This is the first time I'm giving you guys a selca .____.)

Tokyo Osaka Nagoya Muscle Tee- TJ Maxx
Gray Cardigan- H&M
High Waisted Shorts- Thrifted
Black Stockings
Black Combat boots- Steve Madden


That's all for now~

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6 Responses to “OOTD 008”

  1. This outfit is soooo cute.... I love the Tokyo shirt you got from TJ Maxx! I never find anything good when I go there u_u


    1. TJ Maxx is kinda like a hit or miss store for me. But it's fun for me to go there once in a while :)

  2. Replies
    1. Heheh thanks! Although I think the quality kinda sucks from all of the editing I do :/

  3. Can I get the shirt anywhere else? I've been looking for it forever and I haven't found it