Collective Haul (Fashion, Accessories, Beauty)

This is just a small collective haul from the things I bought in the past of couple of weeks. I'm trying to stop clothing shopping since I have more clothes than I really deserve yet I only wear a select few pair of clothing >.< Shame on me, I know.
Sometimes I wish I could just restart my whole closet because my style has slowly been changing. I used to be infatuated by anything with bows and lace but now I'm more into the hipster look. To be honest, now when I dress really girly I just cringe...I'm not saying I hate girly cutesy fashion- I absolutely love it! (Do you see how much of a in-between person I am LOL? One minute I'm like: "I want to look cute today!" And then the next minute: "No, I want to be total hipsta." I literally have an identity crisis sometimes...I mean look at my blog, it's all kawaii with the emoticons and everything- and I LOVE IT! Ok enough with my hidden identity crisis, I'm going to have a mental breakdown any minute now.)



Heart Print Peter Pan Sleeveless Tank (aka what I like to call "the little ball of sunshine")- some Korean clothing store

I know this shirt is totally out of season but it was pretty cheap ($10) and I could always use it for layering / wait until next season.

Close up of the print- cute right?

3/4 Sleeve Peter Pan Knit- Gap 
(It looks huge but it's just boxy.)

Close up of the collar

This is probably my favorite buy out of everything. I'm not really a Gap person but I go in once in a while when I'm searching for a certain clothing item or when they have a good sale going on. They had other colors like blue, black, black with white stripes, and a gray with white stripes. I was going to buy the gray with white stripes also but I decided against it. I am slightly regretting it. 

Flannel Button Up- Forever 21

Removable Hoodie!

I've been meaning to buy an oversized flannel with red in it for the past year or so. I love flannels because they are a NEED for layering. 



Bun wraps- Claires

If you guys are familiar with the ウサミミ (Usamimi), this is basically a smaller version of it but exclusively for buns! If you never heard about these before, it's basically a piece of cloth with a wire inside so you can bend it while still retaining it's shape. The trend for these died down a lot over the past 3 or so years but I don't really care because I love the cute, pin-up look it exerts.



Ambi Fade Cream- Harmon

Actually my mom bought this for herself to try to fade some aging spots, but she's letting me borrow it. I'm seeing if I can fade some post-acne scars and some hyperpigmentation under my eyes. I'll probably do a review after a few weeks of using it.

Lovely Me:ex Design My Eyebrow Pencil (Black) - The Face Shop

If you guys want a review, just comment below!


Guys I've decided. I'm a cute hipster. Ok no.

PS:(Upcoming posts alert! INFINITE OGS experience!!!!)

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5 Responses to “Collective Haul (Fashion, Accessories, Beauty)”

  1. Nice haul! I can also relate to having a style/taste of clothing change a lot over the pass year too. I was really into the ulzzang trends (and still am) but not the cute kind. I'm exploring leathers and weird unique cut outs pieces while still into the oversized shirts and circle skirts

    1. I used to be into the whole "ulzzang" phase too but now that I think about it... what exactly is the ulzzang trend (clothing wise)? Because it's not much different than anything here except that it's modeled on pretty asians lol.

  2. The shirt you bought at Gap is so cute!! I never knew they sell styles like that lol maybe I should drop by sometime. And yes please do review the Lovely Me:ex eyebrow pencil!!

    1. Lol yeah you never know what you'll find :)

  3. Amazing post! :)
    I'd like to invite you to my VERY FIRST INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY. The rules are really simple, and the gift is a voucher for shopping... You choose what, so please join! :) I expect you. Good luck xx
    xo, Tina