EXO Inspired Outfit: 세훈 (Sehun)


To celebrate EXO's comeback, "Miracle In December," I've decided to do a series of inspired outfit posts featuring my favorite casual outfits from each member!

Let's start with the maknae~


Monki Blair Denim Shirt
Splendid V Neck Tee
Rock & Republic Mixed-Media Pants
  • Women's Nike Cortez Lite Txt Casual Shoes
  • CARHARTT 'Sport' Beanie
  • Aeropostale Double Heart Necklace

Ditch that sweatshirt and sweatpants! This outfit is perfect because it doesn't sacrifice comfort for style. It's more like a revamp to comfort, giving off the impression that you gave in some consideration to preparing yourself instead of wearing baggy sweatshirts and sweatpants. But in reality, you probably only gave 1 minute of consideration because that's how easy this outfit is, seriously! 
I love how this outfit can be worn by both men and women and look equally as awesome on both genders. I also love how Sehun's outfit gives off a young urban appeal with the harem / low-crotch pants.

PS: ( The beanie Sehun is actually wearing in the picture is the Carhartt Watch Cap Beanie!)


What is your favorite song from EXO's album? I LOVEEEEEEEEE all of the songs but I have to say I like 'The Star' a tad bit more! The raps just make me go ajslkfjsdlkjflka

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