EXO 으르렁 (Growl) Inspired Outfit (for girls)

Quick update because I've gotten hooked on this blog. 

If you didn't know, I am a HUGE fan of EXO and a HUGE fan of their new song 으르렁 (Growl) >///< They are all so handsome~ So I decided to do an inspired outfit from their latest music video for 으르렁 (Growl).

Korean Ver.:

Chinese Ver.:

Concept: It is really obvious but the clothing theme for this music video is uniforms. But a slight twist is the "bad boy" look with sleeveless vests and snap backs. (Not to mention their hair colors that would never be allowed by Korean schools *cough cough LuhanSehunBaekhyunKrisJonginKyungsoo cough cough*) If these boys were just ordinary people, I imagine them as a big group of your neighborhood boys who skip class once in a while, love to dance, and are fashionable.

My take on their outfits:

Jersey Blazer: H&M ($34.95)
Chiffon Blouse: H&M ($20.15)
Skater Skirt With Braces: Asha ($23.27)
Nike Dunk Sky Hi Wedges: Nike ($120)
Watch: Emporio Armani ($175)
Black Teeth Snap Back: Fashionunion ($18.62)

Because we are going for the "bad boy" look or in this case "bad girl" look, keep the blazer unbuttoned. This way, you look more laid back and could see the skirt's braces which also adds to the "bad girl" look. The Nike wedges also serve as a great multifunctional sneaker. It gives you both the added height and style.

Side comments:
I tried to keep this outfit both affordable for the average person but also "splurgable" for those who are more fortunate or are willing to splurge on a few items here and there. Because this is outfit is for girls, I wanted to add a feminine touch with the skater skirt but also keep the "bad girl" feel to it.

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8 Responses to “EXO 으르렁 (Growl) Inspired Outfit (for girls)”

  1. You have a cute blog =)

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    1. Thank you <333 and sure I'd love to take up that offer. But I don't see anywhere I could follow you? (Or maybe because I'm a total noob at blogger still ><)

  2. Waah another EXO fan! The outfits you picked are so cute and totally fit the video ^-^b Do you want to visit my blog? I like writing about Korean fashion as well, if you want to follow on gfc be sure to let me know and I'll definitely follow you back(: x


    1. Hello Emily! Thanks and I followed ^^

  3. OMG your outfit look is SUPER ADORABLE!!!
    *fangirl feels*


  4. try gray shorts ^^ just a suggestion :) but this idea is really nice :) because I'm planning to dance Growl on our christmas party so thank you very much ^^

    1. Thanks for your input it's greatly appreciated :) I'm just thinking the gray shorts might make the outfit too grayish because of the blazer...unless it's a more darker gray or charcoal-ish.
      Hope your performance goes well! It sounds like loads of fun ^^