[REVIEW] Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Hi guys! I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and can you believe it's almost 2014????? Since I probably won't update on New Year's, image!!!!
 I still live in the 2007 time period, I don't really know what's so special about 2007 for me but it's sort of like a benchmark year for me. And I just realized it's been 7 years since 2007....omg

It's been a while since I last posted...I haven't really been in the mood to blog lately /procrastination.

But let's get onto the review~

I was fortunate enough to receive the highly-raved Cure Natural Aqua Gel (250 mL) as a present for Christmas so I decided "hey let's get off my lazy butt and do a review"

Cure Natural Aqua Gel (250 ml)
(Ranges from $30-$40+ USD)

If you don't know about this product, it is the #1 best-selling exfoliate in Japan- apparently selling 1 bottle every 12 seconds

What they claim:

  • Gentle and natural exfoliating gel that removes dead skin effectively without causing undue stress to the skin.
  • Removes only unwanted dead skin.
  • Neither dries or thins your skin, preventing irritation and vulnerability to sun damage.
  • Gently and effectively removes old and dead skin cells to promote skin renewal and prevent skin problems.
  • With regular use, Cure keeps your skin healthy, smooth and glowing.
  • Contains 90% revitalized hydrogen water and natural plant extracts from aloe vera, gingko and rosemary.
  • Does not use preservatives, fragrance, artificial colorings or alcohol that can irritate skin.
  • (Courtesy of YesAsia)
    My Experience:
    (I would yield caution if you don't like semi-close up pictures of skin)
    **Pictures edited w/ adjusted brightness & contrast so you can see the results better unless stated

      Watery consistency, looks slightly milky. Doesn't smell like anything.

    After rubbing in for 10 seconds:

    Q: What are those flakes?
    A: My dead skin that came off after rubbing in the product. Gross right? But it's oddly satisfying and mystifying at the same time. But this is most likely why it's Japan's #1 selling product. Because you actually see your dead skin come off.

    Here's another picture in case you are interested:

    Now here's an unedited picture

    The pink circle is not representing my dead skin but where I rubbed the product in. Now divert your eyes to the outer edges of the circle, can you see a difference in the brightness in my skin? It may be hard to tell in this picture (and I purposely didn't edit this so you get the real thing) but if you can look close enough, there is definitely a difference.

    When I first applied this to the left side of my cheek and washed the whole thing off, I didn't notice at first but I my cheek was visibly brighter than the rest of my face xD! Thank you to my mom for pointing that out.

    My skin is visibly brighter, softer, and smoother.

    I like to dub this product as "the little miracle product"

    1 billion stars / 10 Seriously.
    Does what it claims. Enough said.


    On the pricey side. (Ranges from $30-$40 USD)

    • When I say you do not need a lot, you really do not need a lot. I hardly press down the pump and the amount of product that comes out covers one whole side of my cheek.
    • Do not apply when your face is wet.
    • Only need to be used 1~2 times a week. (* I recommend once)
    • Do not apply on the face all at once. Instead, apply in specific areas of your face at one time. For example, my routine is forehead, left cheek, right cheek, nose, chin. Since on my first trial I spread the product all over my face, after I finished one area and went to the next, it was all dried up! However, this 'technique' prevents this from happening
    • Use a moisturizer afterwards to retain moisture in the skin.

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    (PS: Would you like to see a "What I Got for Christmas Haul?")

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    3 Responses to “[REVIEW] Cure Natural Aqua Gel”

    1. If I had a job, I would purchase this product xD it's quite pricey but pricier products have more quality right? Well most of the time
      Thanks for the review!

      1. Yeah it's so pricey but it lasts for a long time so I guess it's worth it? Idk if pricier products have more quality but like you said, most of the time they probably do xD

    2. I also mind the price though ^^"
      Currently I use Missha Super Aqua Peeling Gel, it also has satisfying result on me..
      I've reviewed it too on my blog, if you wanna check >.<
      But I'm still curious about this Cure, oh but the price makes my wallet cry :"(

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