About: Peach Couture

Hello everyone~  (*´・v・)/

Today I want to talk to you guys about a store called Peach Couture! This store sells a wide arrange of clothing, accessories, and cute phone accessories- all while keeping everything affordable and reasonably priced! Not to mention, enter “baozi" and get 5% off your purchase and along with your purchase you get a free gift!

I really love this shop because they sell the latest and hottests trends like galaxy print crew-necks, tattoo tights (for the cheapest I’ve seen them. I’m not lying, I swear on my love for Exo!), and the famous BOY London Eagle Sweaters.

I also highly recommend this shop for you back-to-school outfit shopping if you want to impress your peers and make them gawk at the clothes you’re wearing ;) To help you, I've come up with two outfits, both with different styles that will surely catch the eyes of people around you! 

For the cute and sweet style loving girls:

Bow ring: $3.50

Total purchase= $35.50 + 5% off w/ promo code “baozi= $33.72 + FREE GIFT

For the Japanese street fashion loving girls: 

Total purchase= $40 + 5% OFF w/promo code “baozi= $38 + FREE GIFT

Please check out Peach Couture!!!!

(If you buy something from there and use my promo code tell me because I’ll give you whatever you want :) ex. My love. It can’t be materialistic of course. I’ll know so don’t even try tricking me!)

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6 Responses to “About: Peach Couture”

  1. Thanks for the information~ I love both the outfits you've picked out! ^-^ If you're interested I just wrote a post which features Exo, come check it out if you like! (: x

    1. No problemo and thanks~

      Ohh Exo me likey hahaha xD

  2. I'm totally checking this store out! Thank you for sharing!
    Oh, and Im guessing your bias is Xiumin? Lol our names are so similar (my full first name). I like D.O cuz his voice is OMFG

    Your blog is so cute! Would you like to exchange follows?


    1. This store is totally worth checking out :)
      Actually I stan OT12 because they are all bias list ruiners -__-; But D.O's voice is afj;lksadjflkjdas hahaha. Just curious but what led you to guess my bias was Xiumin :)

      And followed!

    2. LOL xD Because of "baozi" of course! ... Or were you being sarcastic?

    3. OH LOL xD I wasn't being sarcastic I just didn't know why you thought Xiumin was my bias. But I do love le baozi Xiumin <33333 and baozis in real life o.o